Large Granite Mortar and Pestle 7", Imported from Thailand

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Large granite mortar and pestle

This Temple of Thai Large Granite Stone Mortar and Pestle has been recommended in Cook's Illustrated Magazine.

While it may seem that there may not be much difference between using a food blender versus a mortar and pestle, actually you will find that there are significant reasons for using the old fashioned method. This is because a food blender cannot produce the same results as a mortar and pestle in many instances, especially when pulverizing dried spices and fresh herbs like lemongrass. The mortar and pestle helps to extract the juices and oils of fresh and dried spices and pulverizes fibrous roots and herbs while a food blender only breaks the food up but does not actually blend the essential essences of the spices.

Mortar Pestle Reommended by Cook's IllustratedWith this solid granite mortar and pestle set you will be able to grind spices, fresh herbs and garlic easily. You will find this tool essential to authentic Thai cooking especially curry paste. Carved from natural gray stone, this set will last a lifetime. The heavy weight pestle makes grinding a quick task.

The large mortar and pestle is approximately seven inches in diameter and is the most common size used in Thai home kitchens on a day to day basis. This is because it is large enough to hold the ingredients for cooking a family sized portion of the various pastes called for in Thai cuisine, especially curry paste, and it is easy to pick up and move around. In fact, this is the set that Temple of Thai uses in it's own home kitchen. But if you do a lot of parties or have a large family consider purchasing the larger eight or nine inch sets below.

To clean the mortar and pestle, simply rinse with warm water and drip dry after using, using soap only as needed.

"Grandiose in size and weight, this mortar and pestle looks like an ancient artifact, but the rough surface was able to grind toasted rice in 50 strokes..." — Cook's Illustrated

Important Note: because each mortar and pestle set is is hand carved by individual Thai craftsmen, there will be slight variations in the models. The granite sone can vary from light grey to darker colors.

(approx. 7" diameter outside, approx. 5" bowl, 4 1/2" height; 7" pestle; approx. 2 cup capacity; 15lb shipping wt.)

Availability: Ships in 2-3 business days from Los Angeles, California.

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