Thai Spider Skimmer for Frying, Imported from Thailand

Price: $ 10.19
Thai Brass & Wood Spider Skimmer

Use this attractive Bamboo Handled Wire Mesh Strainer (skimmer or scooper) when deep-fat frying wontons, fish, egg rolls, noodles and appetizers. Its round shape is perfectly suited for use with a wok. It's also great for quick boiling noodles and dumplings. The bamboo handle does not conduct heat, making it more convenient to use.

Easily scoop out the cooked foods and allow to strain and cool right in the skimmer. The advantage of using the metal skimmer for draining is that crispness will be retained instead of draining directy on paper towels. Allow to cool in the strainer before blotting fried foods on unbleached brown paper towels, if desired (as white paper towels are laced with oil-soluble carcinogenic dioxin).

Wire mesh with bamboo handle (bamboo keeps the handle cool). 6 inch diameter, 13 inch length. Made in Thailand.

Availability: Ships in 2-3 business days from Los Angeles, California.

Category: Pok Pok Cookware, Woks & Wok Tools, Cooking Utensils

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