Chopsticks for Cooking, Product of China

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Chopsticks for Cooking

Chopsticks may seem awkward to use at first but with practice it becomes fun to use them, especially for cooking. These extra long chopsticks are ideal for kitchen jobs like putting spring rolls into hot oil. In Chinese cooking they are used for every phase of cooking, such as beating eggs. stirring and mixing food, lifting out small pieces of food during cooking, and turning and seperating food in stiry frying or deep frying.

You can even check the temperture of the cooking oil by placing a dry clean chopstick vertically in the middle of hot cooking oil touching the bottom of the wok. If many bubbles immediately rise along the side of the chopstick, the oil is hot enough to start deep frying. These bamboo chopsticks can tolerate high heat.

Dimensions: 15" length.

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Bamboo 15 inch length. Imported from China.

    How to Use Chopsticks Tutorial:
  1. Start by placing one chopstick in the hollow between thumb and forefinger. Firmly rest the lower end of the chopstick below first joint of third finger.
  2. Grasp the other chopstick between thumb and forefinger so that the tip is level with the first chopstick.
  3. To pick up food, keep the first chopstick completely still, moving only the second chopstick.

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