Salim Making Press (L), Brass, Product of Thailand

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Salim Making Press (L), Brass

Salim (Sweet Noodles in Coconut Milk or saleem) is a Thai sweet of multi-colored mung bean noodles or threads, sweetened with sugar syrup, flavored with jasmine, topped with coconut milk and served over crushed ice. A traditional favorite kanom of Thailand, salim noodles are always prepared with mung bean flour. Traditionally the mung bean threads are colored with the natural colors of flowers like the Chitoria Tematea Linn (dok un chun) for a blue color or Lac (krang) for a red color. This dessert is especially appreciated in the hot summer season as it is served over crushed ice.

This Salim Press (Brass) is used for making the mung bean noodles.

Dimensions: width 5 inches, height 5.5 inches; handle length 8 1/4 inches. Product of Thailand.

Also see Salim Press Stainless Steel.

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