Klong Klang Mold Press (ครองแครงกรอบ), Product of Thailand

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Klong Klang Making Press

This Thai Fried Cookie tool (ไม้พิมพ์ครองแครง mai pim krong kreng in Thai) is used for making the classic Thai dessert, Klong Klang Krob - a crispy curl-shaped Thai cookie made with wheat flour. This Thai dessert is easy to make at home without any complicated step. This fried cookie is seasoned with garlic, pepper, and coriander root.

Tip: to make it easy to press, dust the tool lightly with wheat flour before pressing. Comes in two pieces.

Dimensions: width 1 6/8 inch, length 3 3/4 inch, handle length 3 1/4 inch

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