Step-by-Step Thai Desserts, Sangdad Books

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Step-by-Step Thai Desserts Cookbook

This beautifully photographed book introduces exotic Thai desserts to the West. Thai desserts (kanom) are basically flour, water, coconut milk and eggs but come in a multitude of variations. The book includes an introduction explaining Thai cooking equipment for preparing 'kanom'.

You'll find simple step-by-step illustrated recipes for bananas in coconut milk, black sweet rice with young coconut, sweet potato in ginger syrup, Thai custard with pumpkin amongst other popular Thai desserts.

Author Nidda Hongwiwat, softcover, glossy paper, 103 pages. Sangdad Publications.

Thai Dessert; Barcode : 9789747588330

Thai Dessert Recipes included in this cookbook:

In coconut milk

  • Banana in coconut milk
  • Pumpkin in coconut milk
  • Taro in coconut milk
  • Sweet potato in coconut milk
  • Rice balls with young coconut flesh
  • Mock ark shells in coconut cream
  • Young coconut flesh in coconut cream
  • Assorted ice sweets
  • Mock pomegranate seeds in coconut ice


  • Corn pudding
  • Rice pudding with longans
  • Black glutinous rice pudding with young coconut
  • Tapioca pearls pudding with young coconut
  • Mung beans pudding

Candied Banana Recipe, Step-by-Step Thai Desserts, Sangdad

Steamed cakes

  • Steamed banana cake
  • Steamed pumpkin cake
  • Steamed taro cake
  • Steamed pandanus cake
  • Two-tone layers cake
  • Steamed tapioca cake
  • Steamed butterfly pea cake
  • Steamed pandanus tapioca pearl cake


  • Thai custard with pumpkin
  • Thai custard in young coconut
  • Pandanus custard spread
  • Mung bean thai custard
  • Candied fruits
  • Candied-nam wa banana
  • Candied-taro
  • Candied-cassava
  • Candied-khai banana
  • Mock jackfruit seeds


  • Crispy mock ark shells
  • Crispy puffs
  • Flower-shaped cookies
  • Coconut cocoa cookies


  • Pandanus coconut jelly
  • Coffee jelly
  • Custard jelly

Boiled sweets

  • Poached eggs in ginger syrup
  • Mung beans in sugar syrup
  • Sweet potato in ginger syrup


  • Glutinous rice fingers
  • Pandanus rice balls
  • Stuffed crescents with mung bean fillings

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