Thai Khan Toke Tray Table, Product of Thailand

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Thai Khan Toke Tray Table

Thai Khan Toke Tray Table (called khan toke) is traditional dining table using widely in Northern of Thailand. Many dishes are laid in Khan Toke to serve in various special occasions. Originally, Khan Toke was used in welcoming ceremony to show the respect to the guests but afterward, Khan Toke can be found in other ceremonies as well like wedding, housewarming or any other auspicious ceremonies. Nowadays, Khan Toke is easily found in Northern people house using as dinning table in their daily lives. It can be said that the most outstanding of eating with Khan Toke is sitting on the floor and eating together with  members in family or evern your guests.

Khan Toke is rounded table with various diameters, the small one is suitable for 2-3 persons and the bigger one is for 3-5 persons.

Normally, Khan Toke is made from wood, weaved bamboo or rattan (palm). So, it is quite durable and easy to clean.  The diameter is 22 inches with the height about 9-10 inches.

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