Extra Large Clay Kruk Mortar and Pestle 10", Product of Thailand

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Super-Size Clay Mortar and Pestle

This clay mortar and pestle set is large enough for any job. More than twice the capacity of our other 'Laos' mortar and pestle it's perfectly suited for preparing papaya salad for a crowd. Quickly prepare curry pastes, marinades, pound garlic, peppercorns and more. Made from beautiful natural clay, it's both functional and attractive. The wood pestle is extra-long, making pounding easy and efficient.

These handmade natural clay mortars are always used to make Thai papaya salad throughout Thailand. The interiors and exteriors are somewhat rough and even primative. Colors and dimensions vary slightly. 

To clean, rinse the mortar and pestle with warm water and drip dry to clean, use dish soap only occassionally, as needed.

(approx. 10" diameter, 10" height; wooden pestle 13-14"; 12 cups)

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