How To Make Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Brewed in a traditional Vietnamese coffee maker

Vietnamese Iced CoffeeThis is a step-by-step recipe for preparing delcious Vietnamese Coffee using a traditional Vietnamese coffee maker known in Vietnam as a phin (or French press). The phin most likely originated in Cambodia in the 1800's and is essentially a single-serving coffee brewer and filter that sits atop the coffee cup or glass.

Vietnamese coffee prepared in this way ensures the grounds of the coffee are steeped for longer than some other brewing techniques and results in a richer and more intense flavor that is delcious served either hot or iced.

You can watch the Trung Nguyen Iced Coffee Video below, demonstrating this Vietnamese coffee brewing technique for making delicious iced Vietnamese coffee.

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee

You will need:


  1. In a stainless steel Vietnamese Coffee Filter, add 2 tablespoons of Vietnamese Coffee. Screw the smaller filter into the coffee filter.
  2. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Sweet Condensed Milk into a drinking glass. Place filter on top of the drinking glass. Pour hot water into the filter.
  3. Once hot water has filtered through, remove the filter from the glass. Stir the milk to dissolve into the coffee. Add ice with coffee and stir again.

Hot Vietnamese Coffee is made the same way but excluding the ice.

Recipe © Trung Nguyen 2007

Serves 1.

Iced Coffee Video  

Many people are surprised to hear that despite its small size Vietnam is the second largest coffee producing nation after Brazil and has an ideal coffee growing climate in regions like the Annam Highlands which shares its coffee producing heritage with neighboring Laos.

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