Thai Iced Coffee Recipe (Oliang)

Thai Iced CoffeeThai iced coffee is very popular with Thais and foreigners alike and is known in Thai as Oliang or Oleang. Oliang is a blend of coffee and other ingredients. Pantainorasingh brand is 50% coffee, 25% corn, 20% soya bean, 5% sesame seed.

Traditionally, oliang is brewed with a tung dtom kaffee, a tea/coffee sock with a metal ring and a handle to which a cotton cloth bag is attached. It is also used for making Thai tea.

To make Thai coffee, put the oliang into the coffee sock and pour boiling water through it into a carafe. Let the bag steep for approximately 10 minutes until strong.

Add sugar and stir to dissolve. Allow to cool. Pour into a glass with ice, and add the dairy product of your choice: half and half, condensed milk, evaporated milk or a mixture of these three. Usually a Thai street vendor will add sweet condensed milk.

The proportions of coffee, water and sugar may vary according to taste. Try using 2/3 part oliang to 1 1/4 parts sugar to 6 parts water. Thais like their coffee incredibly sweet!

Alternately, you can brew the coffee powder directly in boiled water for 10 minutes. Strain through a coffee filter or a fine metal strainer. Continue as above.

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