Soap Carving Book (English and Thai language), Srisiam Printing Press

Soap Carving

This Soap Carving book will teach you how to carve soap into artful birds, fish and mythical figures. You will learn to create soap carvings with clear step-by-step descriptions and illustrations. Find out how to carve beautiful angel fish, peacocks, swans, gold fish and many more. Professional culinary carver, Burinpat Choowong has written the instructions in both English and Thai and provided illustrated steps to show how to carve detailed bird and fishes suitable for home decor or gifts.

"The author has mastered his carving skills from vegetable and fruit carving as well as learning from experts such as Ajarn Penpan Sittitrai whose works are of distinction in the cultural field. Her devotion, determination and patience, are responsible for all the works that are widely recognized.

Soap carving is a form of the art requiring skill and creativity. The basics of selecting soap bars for carving, patterning, carving techniques, storing, and painting the carvings are essential for soap carvers. Combining technique has been adopted to add variety of soap carving."  Quote from the author, Burinpat Choowong


Recommended Soap Carving Equipment

  • Paintbrushes for brushing off soap scraps and painting soap carvings
  • Sharp paring knives to smooth and refine the carving
  • Craft knives (bird's beak knife) with thin and sharp points
  • Soap carving tools to carve flowers or bird tails
  • Glue guns for attaching parts of animal or flower carvings
  • Artificial eyes attached with wire for animal carvings
  • Synthetic dyes for synthetic flowers
  • Bars of soap for carving
  • Craft acrylics or silver or gold carbon powder to make carvings shiny
  • Palette for mixing colors for soap carving

Selection and Storage of Soap Bars for Carving

Index of the Step-by-Step Soap Carving Instructions

Basic Soap Carving Red warbler Ruby fish
Angelfish White bantam couple Maura
Pheasant White female turkey Peacock perching on a bough
Colorful warblers Yellow-tailed bantam White peacock
Mother bird feeding baby Orange bantam Peacock
Bird couple Red-backed grouse Wild duck
Yellow king fisher Two-colored grouse Swan
Red insect-eating bird Yellow-tailed pheasant Kilen (Mythical beast)
King fisher Bantam herd Nagha
Yellow backed warbler Gold fish Kinaree
Yellow warbler Fighting fish Matanapatha

Soap carving Soap carving

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