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Art of Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving

The Art of Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving is the largest and most encyclopedic book available for carvers who want to study all varieties of Thai carving in one convenient book. This carving book is unique in its complete coverage of presenting Thai food with exquisite carvings and it is essentially two books in one.

Written by Thai fruit carving expert, Penpan Sittitrai, the first part of the book, Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving focuses entirely on step-by-step carving instructions, each with their own corresponding full-color photographs, detailed instructions, and sketched illustrations. Each carving idea is categorized according to fruit. Download a free carving tutorial from this book here.

Free Kom Kom Fruit Carving KnifeIn the second half of the book, Vegetable And Fruit Carving In Thai Food, traditional Thai recipes are artfully presented in more elaborate carved vessels, containers, bowls and platters (see list of recipes and carvings below). Each of the photographs contained within this section include their own relative carving instructions and recipes.

All-in-all, this is a sizable compendium of the art of fruit and vegetable carving, filled with stunning pictures and detailed instructions. Written by one of the most respected Thai fruit carving artists in Thailand today, it is as elegant as it is useful, being an enduring favorite and a real treasure for any fruit carving enthusiast.

Book Details: The Art of Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving, Published by Panida Chobvanicha © 1990, color hard cover, 186 glossy pages with large photographs, imported from Thailand.

From the introduction:

Through my own appreciation, I have studied and devotedly practiced this art. Moreover, I have adapted its functions to the present social conditions. That is to keep the art’s original elaborate beauty as well as to enable it to be appropriately useful in cooking and decoration nowadays. That is why I have personally tried to teach many students throughout the country and some from abroad and have brought this knowledge to the public via publications, videotapes, and television programs.
What I am very proud of and want to point out to everyone is that with one fruit carving knife and without the aid of any other kinds of instruments, many carved fruit pieces are made. The art is then the real Thai treasure passing from one to another for many generations. Eventually, I want to trust this worthy art in the hands of younger generations since I would appreciate its lasting existence.
Author Penpan Sittirai

The appendix of this fruit carving book includes:

  • Different styles of leaves
  • Basic carving designs
  • Dahlia design
  • Four different shapes of petals
  • Butterfly design
  • Waterlily design
  • Jasmine flower design
  • Rose design
  • Banana leaf tray
Watermelon Carving Watermelon Carving Watermelon Carving

Part I. The Art of Thai Vegetable And Fruit Carving

Pumpkin Sweet Potato
A Basket Full Of Flowers Beautiful Sweet Potato
A Bush Of Coreopsis Potato
A Yellow Bouquet Ducklings
A Golden Bowl Yam Bean
A Glazed Basket Yam Bean Carved Into Flowers
Graceful Mate Peacocks A Squirrel On A Branch
Vegetables Carrying Basket Paradise Gander
A Basket Decorated With Hibiscus A Lamp
Decorated Menu Victoria Lotus
Watermelon Baskets With Slings
Carved Zinnia Marvellous Basket
Yellow Watermelon Papaya
A Flowery Pedestal Flowery Boat
A Watermelon Carved With Flower And Leaf Design Ginger
Twin Swans Beautiful Pickled Ginger
A Decoration Made From A Watermelon Garlic
A Basket Full Of Varieties Of Flowers Fancy Jasmine
Mango White Radish
A Basket Of Mangoes An Ivory
Warblers In Nests Pineapple
Mangoes Carved Into Flowers Pineapple Oxcart
Rabbits And Flowers Apple
Delicious Durian Twin Swans
Mate Mangoes Agar
Pomelo Twin Chickens
Blooming Lotus Basket Crystal Roses
Baskets With Slings Soap
The Three Buddies Carved Lotus
Guava Climbing Rose
Delicious Guavas The Most Beautiful Soap
Carved Guava In Flower And Leaf Design Pink Roses
Rose Apple Flower Baskets With Sling
A Beautiful Bowl  
A Mouse And Flowers  

Carved Floral Basket

Part II. Vegetable And Fruit Carving In Thai Food

  • Delicious Young Pepper Sauce Served in Ripe Carved Papaya Elongated Topaz Plate Deocrated wtih Gold Pieces
  • Carved Papaya Boat-Shaped Ark Clam Shells
  • Desserts Boiled In Syrup
  • Fish Stuffed Puffs served on Papaya Golden Leaf Plate Lined with Bronze
  • Chicken Brisket Cooked With Wine Served in Papaya Container
  • A Bowl Of Ruby And Emerald Carved From Green Chilli and Tomato
  • White Lotus Carved Bottle Gourd Bowl
  • Rainbow Salad Served in Papaya Bowl
  • Pumpkin In Sugar And Coconut Milk Served in Covered Pumpkin Container
  • The Three Buddies Served in Ripe Papaya Boat: Golden Drops, Preserved Indian Jujubes and Preserved Endocarps
  • Delicious Pomelo Salad Served in Pomelo Bright Green Bowl
  • Tasty Pork Curry in Coconut Zircon Bowl
  • Delicious Egg in Wax Gourd Bowl
  • Beet Red Ruby Bird In The Garden
  • Fried Bananas Served on a Banana Leaf Plate
  • Cashew Apple in Syrup (Anacardium) Served in Guava Topaz Bowl
  • Melon In Coconut Milk And Syrup Served in Cantelope Blossoming Lotus Bowl
  • Taro Sweet Drops in Beet Root Garnet Bowl
  • A Bowl Of Golden Sweets Carved Pumpkin Container
  • Wax Gourd Cooked with Ground Pork
  • Rendezvous Watermelon Serving Bowl with Spicy Seafood Salad
  • Carved Mango Container for Serving Thai Pork
  • Jello Served in Carved Sapodiallas
  • Scented Rice with Fried Shrimp Paste, Fried Sweetened Beef, Stuffed Red Onions, Fried Sweetened Black Ray, Fried Sweetened Turnips, Carved Vegetable Condiments: mangoes, galangal, turmeric root, chilli peppers, spring onions and cucumbers

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