Colorful Sticky Rice Serving Baskets, Imported from Thailand

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Colorful Sticky Rice Serving Baskets

These handmade Thai sticky rice baskets (also referred to as 'pots') are a characteristic feature of Northern and Northeastern Thai dinner tables.

In the North of Thailand, it is traditional to serve rice in decorous bamboo rice pots. The rice is shaped to fit neatly into the container and then each guest is served their own individual basket. In accordance with ancient Thai customs, rice should always be covered up during the course of a meal. For this reason woven baskets are highly practical as they help keep the rice both moist and warm. In North Thailand and Laos, the bottom of the basket is often lined with a plastic sandwich bag and a damp cheese cloth inserved between the rice and the nested lid.

Upon arrival, the baskets may still retain the smell of smoke and bamboo. According to your preference, you can neutralise the odor by letting the basket sit in a fairly concentrated mixtrue of baking soda and water for a couple of days. For best results, scrub and rinse well before using. One basket per one order.

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