Thai Sticky Rice, Steamers & Serving Baskets

Sticky Rice SteamerThai sticky rice makes an excellent basis for your next Thai dinner. With our imported rice steamer cooking is a breeze. Just presoak the rice at least 4 hours and cook in the conical-shaped basket placed over boiling water. Cover with any pot lid until cooked through. Serve in our cute sticky rice serving baskets accompanied with grilled chicken.

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  • Black Sticky Rice, Product of Thailand, 5 lbs

    Purple Sticky Rice Black sticky rice (aka purple rice or kao neow dom in Thai) is nutty and flavorful like wild rice. Pre-soak and steam or boil to cook. Serve sweet or savory.
    Price: $ 13.99
  • Chicken Seasoning, Lobo, 1.76 oz

    Chicken Seasoning Mix Dissolve Chicken Seasoning Mix in water and marinate a whole chicken, or parts, for one hour. Bake, grill or deep fat fry for Thai style BBQ chicken, Gy Yang.
    Price: $ 2.59
  • Sticky Rice Serving Basket, Imported from Thailand

    Sticky Rice Serving Basket

    Serve each guest an individual serving of sticky rice in their own beautiful bamboo basket (กระติบ grateep in Thai). This type of bamboo serving basket is necessary equipment for enjoying traditional North-East Thai food

    Price: $ 8.49
  • Sticky Rice Steamer Basket, Imported from Thailand

    Steamer Basket for Sticky Rice

    Use this bamboo basket to steam soaked sticky rice over boiling water in the rice steaming pot

    Price: $ 6.00
  • Sticky Rice Steamer Pot, Diamond

    Metal Pot for Sticky Rice Steamer

    Use this steamer pot to steam sticky rice. Bring water to a rolling boil and cook the soaked sticky rice in the basket placed over the boiling water, cover with any pot lid

    Price: $ 10.99
  • Kanom Krok Pan (Large), Imported from Thailand

    Kanom Krok Pan

    Use this large 28 hole Kanom Krok Pan to prepare the popular Thai street snack, Khanom Krok. These coconuty bite-sized sweets are best hot & fresh out of the grill with crispy edges and creamy centers. To get this taste, cook it at home! more details and recipe

    Price: $ 49.99
  • Colorful Sticky Rice Serving Baskets, Imported from Thailand

    Colorful Sticky Rice Serving Baskets

    Handmade and imported from Thailand, colorful  bamboo sticky rice serving basket is used to keep rice warm over the course of a meal. Colors may vary.

    Price: $ 14.99
  • 3" Asian Mini Cleaver (504), Kom Kom

    Asian Mini Cleaver Knife

    Imported from Thailand, this is Kom-Kom's rendition of a characteristically unique type of blade. A high quality tool that is rapidly gaining popularity in five-star establishments and high class Thai restaurants.

    Price: $ 9.99
  • (5lb) Sticky Rice (Glutinous Rice), Product of Thailand, 5 lbs

    Thai Sticky (Glutinous) Rice Thai sticky rice, is a short to medium grain rice which is glutinous when cooked. Pre-soak and steam in our traditional sticky rice steamer for best results.
    Price: $ 10.39
  • Cheesecloth, Imported from Thailand


    This large 100% cotton open weave cheesecloth is sometimes used to prepare Thai sticky rice. Soak the rice, steam in a sticky rice steaming set and covered with the cloth, to prevent rice from drying out.

    Price: $ 11.99
  • Sticky Rice Steamer Set: Basket and Pot, Diamond

    Sticky Rice Steamer Set: Basket with Pot

    This Sticky Rice Steamer Set is essential cooking equipment for preparing sticky rice at home. Simply boil water in the metal steamer pot and steam the pre-soaked sticky rice on top in the basket, covered with a lid...more details and video

    Price: $ 17.99
  • Decorative Sticky Rice Serving Baskets, Product of Thailand

    Decorative Bamboo Sticky Rice Serving Bowl

    Homes and restaurants in the North and Northeast of Thailand usually serve steamed sticky rice in these covered small round baskets, placing them around the dining table. They keep the rice warm and fresh.

    Price: $ 8.49
  • Sweet Chili Sauce, Mae Ploy, 32 fl oz

    Sweet Chili Sauce Sweet Chili Sauce is an incredibly versatile condiment; not only is it great for dipping spring rolls, but it's a perfect sauce for grilled meats, tempuras, egg rolls and crispy fried fish. Not too sweet and with a slightly spicy kick, it's a dinner time more
    Price: $ 6.39

To cook sticky rice, both types are steamed in a special rice cooker (pictured above). You cannot cook these types of rice in a standard electric rice cooker.

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