Canned Thai Curry & Soup — Red & Green Curry, Tom Yum Soup

  • Soup Tom Yum, Aroy-D, 14 oz

    Soup Tom Yum

    Tom Yum Soup is a favorite Thai dish in the West. But you don't have to wait until your next visit to a Thai restaurant to enjoy it. Simply heat this ready made soup and serve over steamed jasmine rice.

    Price: $ 3.59
  • Red Curry Soup (Kaeng Ped), Aroy-D, 14 oz

    Red Curry Soup (Kaeng Ped) Red Curry Soup (Kaeng Ped) makes a quick meal when you are too busy to cook. Add pork, chicken or other protein if desired. Serve over steamed jasmine rice. Add fresh chili peppers if desired.
    Price: $ 3.59
  • Green Curry (Kaeng Keow Wan), Aroy-D, 14 oz

    Green Curry (Kaeng Keow Wan) This prepared Green Curry (Kaeng Keow Wan) is ready to eat right out of the can. Simply heat to enjoy an exotic meal after work. Add chicken or seafood if desired. Serve over jasmine rice.
    Price: $ 3.59
  • Masaman Curry Soup, Aroy-D, 14 oz

    Masaman Curry Soup This aromatic Masaman Curry Soup is fragrant with Indian spices. Enjoy spooned over steamed jasmine rice. Add beef or tofu if desired.
    Price: $ 3.59
  • Thai Red Curry (6pkg), Aroy-D, 6x14 oz

    Red Curry, Aroy D (6pks)

    Red Curry from Aroy-D brand Thailand is a ready-to-eat canned convenient Thai curry. To prepare, simply heat and serve with Thai jasmine rice. If desired add vegetables like pumpkin, squash, canned bamboo shoots and any type of meat or tofu. Season with Thai fish sauce to taste. Buy in bulk and save.

    Price: $ 20.89
  • Thai Green Curry (6pkg), Aroy-D, 14 oz

    Green Curry, Aroy D (6pks)

    Green Curry (kaeng keow wan in Thai) is a ready-to-eat canned curry from Aroy-D brand Thailand. Simply heat to enjoy a quick meal after work or school. If desired, add chicken or seafood. Serve over Thai jasmine rice or noodles (even spaghetti). Buy in bulk and save.

    Price: $ 20.89
  • Thai Mussaman Curry (6pkg), Aroy-D, 6x14 oz

    Mussaman Curry, Aroy D(6pks)

    Mussaman Curry from Aroy-D is ready to eat right out of the can, just heat and serve over Thai jasmine rice. Add vegetables like potato, sweet potato or any type of meat if desired. Buy in bulk and save.

    Price: $ 20.89