Fish Sauce — Golden Boy, Tra Chang, Tiparos, Squid Brands

  • Fish Sauce, Tra Chang (Scale), 24 fl oz

    Fish Sauce

    Trachang (Scale) brand Fish Sauce is excellent quality fish sauce imported from Thailand for your Thai recipes.

    Price: $ 5.19
  • Fish Sauce, Shrimp, 24 fl oz

    Fish Sauce

    Fish Sauce, Shrimp brand is one of the high quality fish sauces of Thailand. Use fish sauce in Thai cooking to add depth and flavor. Fish sauce is an integral ingredient of the Thai kitchen.

    Price: $ 5.69
  • Fish Sauce, Cock, 7.0 fl oz

    Fish Sauce

    Cock brand Fish Sauce from Thailand is a favorite of many discriminating Asian chefs because of its smooth and rich taste. With a slightly sweet and salty taste...

    Price: $ 3.59
  • Fish Sauce, Tiparos, 23 fl oz

    Fish Sauce

    Add Tiparos Fish Sauce (nahm plah in Thai or nuoc mam in Vietnamese) to your essential Thai pantry . Enjoy Thai food the Thai way by adding to soups, curries, and salads for gourmet flavor. Previously recommended in Cook's Illustrated.

    Price: $ 3.69
  • Fish Sauce (2x1.01 oz), Squid, 2.02 fl oz

    Fish Sauce

    Squid brand Fish Sauce is the workhorse of Asian kitchens worldwide. These two tiny 1.01 ounce bottles are perfect size for trying real Thai fish sauce...

    Price: $ 2.79
  • Fish Sauce, Golden Boy (Baby), 23 fl oz

    Fish Sauce, Golden Boy

    Essential for all Thai cooking, Fish Sauce (nahm plah in Thai) THE Thai cooking ingredient to have and Golden Boy is THE brand in Thailand. Excellent quality, flavor and versatility...