Chinese Ingredients — Black Beans, Lotus Leaves & Lily Buds

  • Dried Lotus Leaves, Product of China, 14 oz

    Dried Lotus Leaves Dried lotus leaves are used for steaming both jasmine and sticky rice in Thailand. A popular cooking technique through out Asia, food is steamed in a variety of leaves including lotus, banana and bamboo. Lotus leaves lend a earthy fragrance and taste to the final dish.
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  • Dried Lily Buds, Product of China, 7.0 oz

    Dried Lily Buds Lily buds (hemerocallis spp or dok mai jeen in Thai) are the dried two inch long unopened flowers of the tiger lily. These bright golden buds add a delicate subtle flavor to poultry and are often used in vegetarian dishes for their delicate, musky-sweet flavor.
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  • Dried Lotus Root, Product of China, 14.0 oz

    Dried Lotus Root Dried Lotus Root (Nelumbo nucifera or raug bua in Thai) is the dried root of the water lily. Lotus roots can be added to Chinese stir fries, soups and stews, or boiled in sugar for a popular Asian more
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  • Fish Maw (Ka Por Pla), Product of Thailand, 5 oz

    Fish Maw (Kra Praow Pla)

    Fish Maw or Ka Por Pla is an important main ingredient for making Chinese gravy soup.

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  • Dried Bamboo Leaves, Product of China, 14.0 oz

    Dried Bamboo Leaves Dried bamboo leaves are used to wrap sticky rice dumplings throughout Asia. Both savory and sweet dumplings are popular. Zongzi is the Chinese version served during the Dragon Boat Festival.
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  • Dried Chrysanthemum, Product of China, 14 oz


    Dried Chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum indicum, เก๊กฮวย gehk huay in Thai) is used to make one of the most popular drinks in Thailand, nam gek huai. This Chinese drink is a refreshing sweetened tea served over ice usually at lunch time.

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