Satay Ingredients — Satay Sauce, Seasoning & Skewers

SataySatay is a simple dish of grilled meat marinated in spices and cooked on skewers in bite-sized pieces. The skewers make satay easy-to-handle, for both grilling and eating and is popular throughout South East Asia as a tasty snack or main meal accompaniment. Satay is usually eaten with a peanut dipping sauce and cucumber salad (ajad).

On this page you will find all the ingredients you need for making your own delicious satay including the bamboo skewers. For satay and marinade recipes read more about satay in our recipes and cooking tips section.

  • Super Satay Set, Various

    Super Satay Set,

    Super Satay Recipe kit includes all of the Thai ingredients you need to make our Satay Recipe; all you need is chicken or pork, garlic, shallots and cilantro from your local market Everything else is included in the kit.

    Price: $ 49.00
  • Thai Satay Peanut Sauce, Por Kwan, 8.0 fl oz

    Satay Peanut Sauce Satay Peanut Sauce for serving over grilled skewered meat or tofu.
    Price: $ 3.89
  • Red Curry Paste, Nittaya, 17.6 oz

    Red Curry Paste

    Red Curry Paste (kreung gaeng phet daeng), with a ruddy hue, is the most versatile of the curry pastes, being used in the widest range of dishes, including coconut milk based curries, marinades and stir-fries. Nittaya brand curry pastes have been recommended by both New York Magazine and

    Price: $ 13.99
  • Satay Peanut Sauce & Marinade Seasoning Mix (2pkg), Lobo, 3.5 oz

    Satay Seasoning

    Everything you need to make Thai Satay is included in this Satay Seasoning Mix from Lobo. Seasoning mix and peanut sauce mix are included. Just add coconut milk to the seasoning mix to marinate your choice of meat or tofu. Barbecue and serve with the peanut sauce mix.

    Price: $ 3.99
  • Satay Sauce Mix, Lobo (2pkg), Lobo, 3.5 oz

    Satay Sauce Mix This spicy and creamy Satay Sauce is a wonderful contrast to the bland, cooling flavor of fresh cucumber soaked in sour and sweet salad dressing, commonly served with Satay.
    Price: $ 3.39
  • Dried Coriander Seeds, Imported from Thailand, 3.5 oz

    Dried Coriander Seeds

    Whole Thai coriander seeds (เม็ดผักชี luk pak chee in Thai) are smaller than Western varieties and have a sweeter more fragrant flavor. Grind as is or dry roast first to better bring out the flavor.

    Price: $ 2.99
  • Whole Dried Cumin Seeds, Imported from Thailand, 2.0 oz

    Whole Cumin Seeds Cumin Seeds (cuminuim cyminum or mellet yira in Thai) are sometimes mistakenly called fennel or caraway on Thai packaging and as a result in some Thai recipes. Cumin seeds are a vital ingredient in many curry pastes.
    Price: $ 2.59
  • Thai Red Curry Paste, Mae Ploy, 14 oz

    Red Curry Paste Mae Ploy brand Red Curry Paste is more robust in flavor then your local supermarket brands and comes in a convenient resealable tub. Cook this prepared curry paste with canned coconut milk, pork, chicken, or tofu for curry in a hurry.
    Price: $ 4.99
  • Turmeric Powder, Imported from Thailand, 4.0 oz

    Turmeric powder A member of the zingeberacea family, Turmeric (curcuma longo or kumin in Thai) is a rhizome that is used as a spice and for its bright yellow color. In fact, turmeric is one of the very few spices that serves this dual purpose.
    Price: $ 5.59
  • Galangal Root (Dried Sliced), Product of Thailand, 7 oz

    Galangal Root Galangal (aka galanga, galingale, ginza root, Siamese ginger, alpina galangal or huah kah in Thai) is added to curry pastes, broths and coconut soups.
    Price: $ 4.99
  • Lemon Grass Powder, CTF, 1.76 oz

    Dried Lemon Grass Powder Add Lemon Grass Powder to soup and Thai curry when fresh is unavailable. Adjust seasoning accordingly.
    Price: $ 3.49
  • Sea Salt (Coarse), Caravelle, 2.0 lbs

    Sea Salt

    Sea salt (เกลือสมุทร gluea samut in Thai) is preferred for Thai cooking over other types of salt. It is natural and untempered and rich in minerals. This is course sea salt from Korea.

    Price: $ 5.89
  • Bamboo Skewers for Satay, Imported from Thailand

    Bamboo Skewers

    Pre-soak bamboo skewers in water for 10 minutes before skewering meat or tofu. Grill or broil and serve with our Satay Sauce or other Thai dipping sauces...more details

    Price: $ 2.49
  • Bamboo Skewers 10 inches, Product of Thailand, 5.0 oz

    Bamboo Skewers 10 inches Pre-soak bamboo skewers in water for 10 minutes before skewering meat or tofu. Grill or broil and serve with our Satay Sauce or other dipping sauces.
    Price: $ 2.99
  • Coconut Milk, Chaokoh, 13.5 fl oz

    Coconut Milk

    Coconut milk (nohm gkati in Thai) is an essential ingredient for Thai curry, soup, and sweets. Convenient, healthy, and delicious, keep canned coconut milk in your Thai pantry. This 16oz can is the most commonly called for size in Thai recipes.

    Price: $ 3.59
  • Tamarind Paste, Cock brand, 16 oz

    Tamarind Paste

    Use this seedless Tamarind Paste (also called tamarind pulp or wet tamarind and known as makham piak in Thai) for authentic Thai food. Chinese cuisine uses vinegar to achieve a sour taste, but in Thailand, lime juice and sour tamarind are the primary sources.

    Price: $ 7.79
  • Lemongrass, Temple of Thai, 3 pc

    Lemon Grass

    Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus or dtakrai in Thai) is an aromatic citrus-flavored tropical grass that is a must for an authentic Thai taste. It is an essential ingredient in Tom Yum soup

    Price: $ 4.99
  • Galangal, Temple of Thai, 4 oz

    Fresh Galangal Root

    Galangal (galanga or huah kah in Thai) is used like ginger in cooking, but it is unique in flavor, tasting slightly medicinal. The most popular dish using galangal is Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (Tom Kha).

    Price: $ 5.69
  • Whole White Peppercorns, Nguan Soon, 3.5 oz

    Whole White Peppercorns

    This item is out of stock, please see Ground White Pepper. Whole White Peppercorns (prik tai kao in Thai) are derived from the polished black peppercorn, but unlike the Western method they are not bleached.