Canned Thai Fruits — Rambutan, Jackfruit, Longan, Lychee

  • Young Coconut Meat, Aroy-D, 15 oz

    Young Coconut Meat Young coconut meat is the inside flesh of the immature green coconut. It is used for desserts in Thailand. Sweet, soft and smooth this snowy white colored meat is a tropical delight.Try making a smoothie with young coconut meat.
    Price: $ 3.99
  • Rambutan in Syrup, Aroy-D or Chaokoh, 20 oz

    Rambutan in Syrup

    Rambutans (เงาะ ngo in Thai) are one of Thailand's most wonderful fruits. Just chill and serve for a healthy dessert, snack, or breakfast. High in Vitamin C.

    Price: $ 4.55
  • Rambutan with Pineapple, Aroy-D or Chaokoh, 20 oz

    Rambutan Stuffed with Pineapple in Syrup Try Rambutan Stuffed with Pineapple for an exotic conclusion to a Thai meal. Simply chill and eat. So simple to prepare you will find it excellent any time of day.
    Price: $ 6.99
  • Jackfruit in Syrup, Aroy-D or Chaokoh, 20 oz

    Jackfruit in Syrup Jackfruit (kanoon in Thai) is one of Thailands most delicous fruits. But if you cannot visit the tropics, why not enjoy this exotic fruit at home simply and inexpensively. Simply chill and eat.
    Price: $ 4.09
  • Longan in Syrup, Aroy-D or Chaokoh, 20 oz

    Longan in Syrup Longan fruit (lam yai in Thai) is wonderful chilled and served simply in a glass bowl with a spoon for dessert or as a snack.
    Price: $ 4.99
  • Lychee in Syrup, Aroy-D or Chaokoh, 20 oz

    Lychee in Syrup

    Lychees are only available one time of the year in Thailand. The rest of the year you can enjoy them canned. Enjoy this delicious and exotic fruit anytime. Just chill, open, and serve.

    Price: $ 4.59
  • Mangosteen in Syrup, Aroy-D, 20 oz

    Mangosteen in Syrup

    Imported from Thailand, Aroy-D's canned mangosteen is a soft, sweet, and tasty. Regarded in Thailand as the "Queen of fruits", the mangosteen is an exotic delicacy that's not to be missed.

    Price: $ 4.89
  • Mangosteen in Syrup (6pkg), Aroy-D, 6x20 oz

    Mangosteen in Syrup, Aroy D (6pks)

    Mangosteen is regarded in Thailand as the Queen of Fruits. Unfortunately it is not permitted fresh into the USA (unless irradiated). Therefore to enjoy this exotic tropical fruit, the best way may be canned. Buy in bulk and save.

    Price: $ 25.59
  • Lychee in Syrup (6pkg), Aroy-D or Chaokoh, 6x20 oz

    Lychee in Syrup (6pks)

    Available only one time of year, from the North of Thailand, exotic lychee fruit is a much awaited for seasonal delicacy in Thailand. This beautiful red fruit with snowy white inside is juicy and sweet and is a welcome gift. It is surprisingly delicious canned. Refrigerate to chill before serving for best taste. Buy in bulk and save.

    Price: $ 22.99