Nittaya Thai Curry Pastes

Nittaya brand Thai Curry Paste is a top quality vacuum-packed fresh paste made in the heart of old Bangkok and flown directly into the USA. Because curry paste is the foundation of Thai curry, a good Thai curry depends upon a paste with a good balance of herbs and spices. The recipes used by Nittaya have been handed down through the generations and do not compromise on ingredient quality.

"Making Thai curry at home usually involves pounding hard-to-find ingredients in a mortar, or struggling to make something edible from pallid premade pastes. Nittaya changes everything. The finest brand we've found, Nittaya's paste produces intensely delicious curries without the effort." —

"Once you try the potent fresh curry pastes .... (in red, green, massaman and jungle varieties), you'll never go back to the jarred stuff." — New York Magazine

  • Green Curry Paste, Nittaya, 17.6 oz

    Green Curry Paste

    Green Curry is one of the most popular of all Thai curries. This Green Curry Paste (kreung gaeng keo wahn) is a blend of fresh green chilies and herbs and is used only to make Green Curry.

    Price: $ 13.99
  • Red Curry Paste, Nittaya, 17.6 oz

    Red Curry Paste

    Red Curry Paste (kreung gaeng phet daeng), with a ruddy hue, is the most versatile of the curry pastes, being used in the widest range of dishes, including coconut milk based curries, marinades and stir-fries. Nittaya brand curry pastes have been recommended by both New York Magazine and

    Price: $ 13.99
  • Massaman Curry Paste, Nittaya, 17.6 oz

    Massaman Curry Paste Masaman is a Thai-Muslim influenced curry. It is based on a combination of spices and peanuts. It's becoming one of the most popular curries because of the unique taste and mild spice
    Price: $ 15.59
  • Yellow Curry Paste, Nittaya, 17.6 oz

    Yellow Curry Paste (Kari/Indian style) Yellow Curry (gaeng kari) is a Thai version of Indian curry having some dried spices in the paste. It is a mellow paste blend of turmeric and curry powder blended with fresh herbs and spices. This curry paste is usually used in fish stews or for Yellow Chicken Curry.
    Price: $ 15.59
  • Roasted Chili Paste in Oil (Chilli Jam), Nittaya, 17.6 oz

    Roasted Chili Paste in Oil (Chilli Jam)

    Roasted chili paste in oil (nam prik pao in Thai) is used to flavor soups, including the popular hot-and-sour soup Tom Yum Goong, as well as stir-fry and noodle dishes, salad dressings and dipping sauces. Use Nittaya brand for the freshest taste possible.

    Price: $ 15.99
  • Panang Curry Paste, Nittaya, 17.6 oz

    Panang Curry Paste Penang curry paste, which is named for the island off Malaysia's West coast, is the basis for a richer, sweeter and drier curry then other types of Thai curry. Using less coconut milk it is finished with the addition of thicker coconut cream and served on a plate.

Also see the Curry Paste section for Mae Ploy & Mae Sri brands.

HOW TO STORE NITTAYA FRESH CURRY PASTES: These vacuum packed curry pastes may be stored up to one year, unopened, at cool room temperature. Once opened, tightly sealed, the pastes can be stored for up to 6 months refrigerated. Freeze the pastes for the longest time storage of up to 2 years.

To freeze, we recommend portioning into 1 tablespoon mounds on wax paper, freezing until firm and then put the frozen mounds into a freezer bag for easier use - just take out what you need and add frozen to your dish, bring to a boil or heat through in stir fries.