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  • Palm Sugar, Cock, 1 lbs

    Coconut Palm Sugar

    Palm Sugar (น้ําตาลปี๊บ, nam tan bpeep in Thai from the borassus flabellifera palm) has a rich caramel flavor quite different from cane sugar. Use to make authentic Thai kanom (sweets). Also add to stir-fries and dipping sauces. Use in recipes calling for palm or coconut sugar.

    Price: $ 3.99
  • Tamarind Paste, Cock brand, 16 oz

    Tamarind Paste

    Use this seedless Tamarind Paste (also called tamarind pulp or wet tamarind and known as makham piak in Thai) for authentic Thai food. Chinese cuisine uses vinegar to achieve a sour taste, but in Thailand, lime juice and sour tamarind are the primary sources.

    Price: $ 7.79
  • Dried Puya Chili Peppers, Product of Mexico, 2 oz

    Dried Puya Chili Peppers for Thai cooking

    The Dried Puya Chili Pepper is normally used in Mexican cuisine, but it can also be used for Thai cooking. Many American chefs prefer this type of dried red chili pepper because of its complex flavor.

    Price: $ 4.59
  • Dried Whole Red Chili Peppers, Product of Thailand, 3.5 oz

    Dried Whole Red Chili Peppers Dried Whole Chilli Peppers (prik haeng in Thai) are integral to Thai cooking. Pound in a mortar and pestle to make homemade curry paste or dry roast whole for garnish.
    Price: $ 3.99
  • Dried Whole Red Chili Peppers (14oz), Thai Farmer, 14 oz

    Dried Whole Red Chili Peppers Dried Whole Chilli Peppers (prik haeng in Thai) are integral to Thai cooking and well known for being spicy. Fully ripened whole Thai chile peppers are sun-dried to more
    Price: $ 11.69
  • Shrimp Paste, Pantainorasingh, 13 oz

    Shrimp Paste

    Shrimp Paste (kapee in Thai or blanchen in Malay) is made from pulverized sun-dried tiny shrimps. Use shrimp paste to make authentic homemade curry paste, nam prik and many more Thai dishes.

    Price: $ 6.99
  • Dried Shrimp, Product of Taiwan, 3.0 oz

    Dried Shrimp

    Dried Shrimp (goong haeng in Thai or prawns) are added to Pad Thai Noodles for an authentic Thai taste. Mildly salty, with a fragrant aroma, use in Thai salads or grind or chop and add to chili paste to make Nam Prik Pao (Thai Roasted Chili Paste).

    Price: $ 6.39
  • Oyster Sauce, Mae Krua, 10 fl oz

    Oyster Sauce Mae Krua is the preferred brand of Oyster Sauce in Thai kitchens because it is made from real oysters, not imitation extracts like inferior sauces. It is an excellent ingredient in stir fries, vegetables, noodles and oodles of other Thai dishes...more details and recipe
    Price: $ 4.59
  • Seasoning Soy Sauce, Golden Mountain, 20 fl oz

    Golden Mountain Seasoning Soy Sauce Use mellow Golden Mountain Soy Sauce in South East Asian recipes calling for soy sauce. An excellent addition to stir fry vegetables, meats, tofu and noodle dishes, this soya bean sauce is smooth and more
    Price: $ 5.79
  • Fish Sauce, Tiparos, 23 fl oz

    Fish Sauce

    Add Tiparos Fish Sauce (nahm plah in Thai or nuoc mam in Vietnamese) to your essential Thai pantry . Enjoy Thai food the Thai way by adding to soups, curries, and salads for gourmet flavor. Previously recommended in Cook's Illustrated.

    Price: $ 3.69
  • Fish Sauce (2x1.01 oz), Squid, 2.02 fl oz

    Fish Sauce

    Squid brand Fish Sauce is the workhorse of Asian kitchens worldwide. These two tiny 1.01 ounce bottles are perfect size for trying real Thai fish sauce...

    Price: $ 2.79
  • Dark Black Soy Sauce, Dragonfly, 19 fl oz

    Black Thick Soy Sauce

    The big fat mother of all soy sauces, Black Soy Sauce (or siew dom in Thai) made with sugar, is black, thick, sweet, and unlike any other Thai sauce. Kick it into stir-fried meat or tofu dishes for a delicious Thai taste...more details

    Price: $ 5.29
  • Black Sweet Soy Sauce, Dragonfly, 19 fl oz

    Black Sweet Soy Sauce

    Thick like ketchup and rich like the Sultan of Brunei - Black Sweet Soy Sauce (see-yew dahm wahn in Thai) is syrupy and dark, the perfect ingredient for certain sweet Thai snacks and noodle dishes. It is sweeter than Thai black soy sauce, and a little kinder too.

    Price: $ 5.59
  • Thai Soy Sauce, Healthy Boy, 23.5 fl oz

    Thai Soy Sauce

    Thai Thin Soy Sauce should be used in recipes calling for soy sauce, thin soy or light soy sauce. Similar to the type of soy sauce that Americans are familiar with, it is saltier than Thai dark soy sauce but thinner in consistency. It is a staple Thai pantry item...more details

    Price: $ 5.89
  • Yellow Bean Sauce, Pantainorasingh, 16 fl oz

    Yellow Soy Bean Sauce Yellow Bean Sauce can be used for stir frying vegetable or any kind of meat. Used to bring out the taste and good aroma when steaming fish or other Oriental dishes.
    Price: $ 4.59
  • Fermented Fish Sauce (Naam Plaa Raa), Pantainorasingh

    Fermented Fish Sauce (Nam Pla Rah)

    This interesting sauce is a key ingredient in Northeastern Thai cooking and highly recommended for chefs who like to experiment with all the diversity of the Thai palate.

    Price: $ 9.99
  • Pickled Mud Fish (Plaa raa), Pantainorasingh, 16.0 oz

    Pickled Salted Mud Fish (Pla rah)

    Mud fish (snake head fish or plah chon in Thai) is fermented with rice powder, water and salt to become authentic Plaa Raa and is used for cooking Northeastern (Isan) regional dishes, being a favorite addition to Som Tum (Thai Papaya Salad).

    Price: $ 10.59
  • Sesame Oil, Kadoya, 5.5 fl oz

    Sesame Oil Rich, delicious Sesame Oil is not a cooking oil. Just a few drops are enough for its potent flavor to add a knock-out Asian character to any dish. Used in Thai cooking as a flavoring for Chinese-influenced dishes, and especially good for vegetarian more
    Price: $ 4.99
  • Boxed Coconut Milk, Aroy-D, 8.5 fl oz

    Aroy-D Coconut Milk Box

    Aroy-D UHT (ultra high-temperature) Coconut Milk can be used for making your favorite Thai dishes, desserts, and drinks. This type of high heat treated coconut milk is homogenous, and does not separate much, even when refrigerated. This UHT coconut milk is 100% pure coconut milk with no preservatives added.

    Price: $ 2.69
  • Boxed Coconut Milk, Aroy-D, 33.8 fl oz

    Coconut Cream (Large Box), Aroy-D

    This larger-sized UHT box Coconut Milk from Aroy-D is 4 times the size of the smaller Aroy-D box coconut milk. It can be stored at room temperature for up to one year, making it a convenient choice for Thai cooking. Once opened it must be refrigerated and used up quickly or frozen for longer storage.

    Price: $ 6.99
  • Boxed Coconut Cream, Aroy-D, 33.8 fl oz

    Boxed Coconut Cream, Aroy-D

    Coconut Cream packaged in a UHT box from Aroy-D brand, Thailand is a convenient pantry item for your Thai kitchen. Use it in any recipe calling for coconut cream.

    Price: $ 6.99
  • Asian Shallots, Product of USA, 6 oz

    Asian Shallots for Thai cooking

    Red shallots are the most frequently used onion in Thai cuisine. This type of small onion is favored over larger white or yellow onions, which are not much used in Thai cooking. The red shallot is a key ingredient adding a mild, sweet flavor to numerous Thai dishes. It is a component of some curry pastes, Thai salads, and is a wonderfully fragrant garnish when prepared as Fried Shallots.

    Price: $ 3.89
  • Asian Rice Noodles (Sen Lek), Thai Farmer, 16 oz

    Asian Rice Noodles

    These medium-sized flat Rice Noodles (sen lek in Thai) are for cooking rice noodle recipes, including Pad Thai (phat thai). Broad, white and brittle when dry, pre-soak to transform into soft noodles for stir frying.

    Price: $ 2.89
  • Rice Vermicelli (Guilin), Product of China, 14 oz

    Chinese Vermicelli

    Fine Rice Noodles, also known as Chinese Rice Noodle Sticks or Guilin Rice Vermicelli, are most often eaten with Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad), or Khanom Jiin (Thai Spaghetti) served with Nam Yah sauce.

    Price: $ 2.79
  • Rice Flour, Erwan, 16 oz

    Rice Flour

    Rice flour (also known as plain rice flour or แป้งข้าวเจ้า paeng khao jaao in Thai) is used for many desserts or sweets in Thailand. Note that there are two types of rice flour in Thailand - this type is not sticky.

    Price: $ 3.29
  • (5lb) Sticky Rice (Glutinous Rice), Product of Thailand, 5 lbs

    Thai Sticky (Glutinous) Rice Thai sticky rice, is a short to medium grain rice which is glutinous when cooked. Pre-soak and steam in our traditional sticky rice steamer for best results.
    Price: $ 10.39
  • Gogi Tempura Flour, Gogi, 5.29 oz

    Gogi Tempura Flour

    Gogi Tempura Flour (แป้งเทมปุระ) is the favorite tempura flour of the Thai kitchen. Simply mix with cold water, dip vegetables or meat into the batter and fry in hot oil until crispy and golden brown. Gogi Tempura Flour is especially good with sweet chilli dipping sauce.

    Price: $ 2.79
  • Pickled Salted Radish, Product of Thailand, 14.0 oz

    Salted Pickled Radish

    Salted Radish (ไช้โป huah chai poh kim) is used for Thai cooking, including Pad Thai Noodles, soup with pork spareribs or salads with lime juice.

    Price: $ 4.29
  • Pickled Mustard Greens, Product of Thailand, 10.5 oz

    Pickled Mustard Greens

    Pickled mustard greens are usually eaten with Thai rice soup, Thai salads or kanom jeen nam niow as side dishes. Because of it's crunchy texture, Thais normally prepare pickled mustard greens as a spicy salad mixed with other ingredients like preserved salted duck eggs and serve with plain boiled rice soup.

    Price: $ 3.89
  • Fried Pork Rind, Product of USA, 3.5 oz

    Fried Pork Rind

    Crispy Fried Pork Rind (แคบหมู khaep mu in Thai) is a popular snack in Northern Thailand, where it is most often served with nam phrik ong, a Northern-style chili more

    Price: $ 4.59
  • Green Papaya, Product of USA, 2.0 lbs

    Green Papaya for Thai Som Tum Salad

    PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. Green Papaya is most often used to make Thailand's famous Som Tum - Green Papaya Salad. Shredded papaya is tossed in a clay mortar and pestle to make a zesty salad usually served with grilled chicken

    Price: $ 6.99
  • Key Limes, Product of Mexico, 8 pc

    Key Limes for Thai cuisine

    The Key Lime is the type of lime preferred in authentic Thai cooking. This thin-skinned, juicy lime is more tasty then its Persian cousin, which is the predominate type of lime grown in the states. With a bright citrus, tart flavor it is superior to your supermarket citrus in every way.

    Price: $ 5.99
  • Chinese Long Beans, Product of USA, 8 oz

    Fresh Chinese Long Beans

    Often referred to as Chinese Yardlong beans, this type of bean flourishes in South East Asia, growing well in a subtropical climate. It can be stir-fried by cutting into sections, added raw to Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) or eaten steamed or raw as a vegetable accompaniment to Thai spicy chili pastes. It is rich in nutrients.

    Price: $ 4.99
  • Fresh Turmeric Root, Product of USA, 4.0 oz

    Fresh Turmeric

    Turmeric (Curcuma longo or kumin in Thai) is a rhizome that is used as a spice and for its yellow color. Its golden hue adds color and flavor to many Thai dishes, including Thai curry and it is often added to seafood dishes

    Price: $ 6.49
  • Thai Sweet Basil (Bai Horapha), Temple of Thai, 4 oz

    Sweet Thai Basil (Bai Horapah)

    PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. Sweet Thai Basil (ใบโหระพา bai horapah in Thai) tastes rather like anise, looks like European sweet basil, and is used in red and green curries, stir-fries and eaten raw as a vegetable

    Price: $ 5.29
  • Frozen Pandanus Leaf (Pandan Leaves), Imported from Thailand, 8.0 oz

    Frozen Pandanus Leaf (Pandan Leaves)

    PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. Pandan Leaf (Pandanus odorus, ใบเตย bai toey in Thai or pandanus leaves) is used to enhance the flavor and color of Thai desserts

    Price: $ 8.49
  • Frozen Banana Leaf, Temple of Thai, 16 oz

    Frozen Banana Leaf

    PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. These Banana Leaves (ใบตอง) are FROZEN, not fresh! We suggest receiving them immediately upon delivery and refrigerating until use

    Price: $ 5.99
  • Lemongrass, Temple of Thai, 3 pc

    Lemon Grass

    Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus or dtakrai in Thai) is an aromatic citrus-flavored tropical grass that is a must for an authentic Thai taste. It is an essential ingredient in Tom Yum soup

    Price: $ 4.99
  • Fresh Thai Chili Peppers, Temple of Thai, 2.0 oz

    Thai Chili (Prik Kee Noo)

    PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. Many Thai dishes are incomplete without fresh hot chili peppers. Use fresh prik kee noo to make nahm prik, a spicy condiment eaten with rice or add to soups like Tom Yum Goong

    Price: $ 3.99
  • Galangal, Temple of Thai, 4 oz

    Fresh Galangal Root

    Galangal (galanga or huah kah in Thai) is used like ginger in cooking, but it is unique in flavor, tasting slightly medicinal. The most popular dish using galangal is Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (Tom Kha).

    Price: $ 5.69
  • Thai Apple Eggplant, Temple of Thai, 8 oz

    Thai Eggplant (Apple Eggplant)

    PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. These small round green and white eggplants (makeau prau in Thai) are served raw or steamed or added to curries. When raw the texture is very crunchy and eaten with nam prik chili paste

    Price: $ 7.09
  • Kabocha Squash, Product of USA, 2-3 lbs

    Kabocha Squash

    Kabocha squash can be used in Thai cooking for making a puree of pumpkin soup or even more popular, the sweet dessert, Sankaya Fok Thong (Thai pumpkin custard). It is also great for Thai pumpkin curry, stir fry, and other Thai desserts.

    Price: $ 6.99
  • Salted Crab for Som Tum, Product of Thailand, 8 oz

    Salted Crab for Som Tum

    Salted Black Crab (ปูเค็ม Boo Kem in Thai) for Thai Papaya Salad with Salted Crab (ส้มตำปู Som Tum Boo) and Coconut Salted Crab Relish (หลนปูเค็ม Loen Boo Kem).

    Price: $ 7.59
  • Pok Pok Cookbook Getting Started Kit, Various

    Pok Pok Cookbook Getting Started Kit

    This Ricker-approved Pok Pok Cookbook Getting Started Kit includes the basic Thai ingredients and cookware recommended by Andy to make the recipes in his debut cookbook.

    Price: $ 87.38
  • Shrimp Paste, Klong Kone, 16 oz

    Shrimp Paste

    Shrimp Paste (gapee or gkabpi in Thai or blanchen in Malay) is made from pulverized sun-dried tiny shrimps and is used to make curry paste, nam prik and many other Thai dishes. Klong Kohn brand is the favorite brand of Kasma Loha-Unchit, Thai cooking instructor.

  • Whole Kaffir Lime Fruit, Temple of Thai, 3 pc

    Whole Kaffir Lime Fruit

    PLEASE READ PERISHABLE TERMS OF SHIPPING BEFORE ORDERING. Available on a limited basis! Kaffir Lime Fruit (lo magrut in Thai). Both the leaves and fruit can be stored for up to a year frozen, so stock up now. Kaffir lime peel is used for preparing homemade curry pastes