Pickled Mud Fish (Plaa raa), Pantainorasingh, 16.0 oz

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Pickled Salted Mud Fish (Pla rah)

Pickled Mud Fish (plaa raa) from Pantainorasingh brand is of high quality and known as plah rah in Thai. Used mainly in Isan regional cooking, mud fish is fermented for a long period of time resulting in a very odorous, strong paste. This kind of pickled fish can be easily cooked by heating before adding spices like chili or lime and can be eaten like chili paste with steamed or fresh vegetables. In Northeastern Thai Cuisine, plah rah is an essential ingredient in Som Tum (papaya salad), soop naw mai (Bamboo Shoot Salad) and dipping sauces.

Also see Nam Pla Rah Fish Sauce

Ingredients: Mud fish, rice powder, water and salt. Product of Thailand.

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