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Key Limes for Thai cuisine

The Key Lime (Citrus aurantiifolia) is the type of lime preferred in authentic Thai cooking. This thin-skinned, juicy lime is more tasty as an ingredient in Thai dishes compared to its larger, thicker-skinned Persian cousin - the predominate type of lime grown and sold in the States. With a bright citrus, tart flavor it is superior (we think!) to your typical supermarket citrus in every way. Even when the price of limes are high due to seasonality, Thai people will still buy them because it is difficult to cook Thai food without fresh lime (tamarind being the alternative souring agent).

Historically this type of lime was cultivated in the US in the Florida Keys region. Native to the Indo-Malayan region, it arrived to the Americas via the Spanish conquistadors. Due to a major hurricane in 1926, the Key Lime was replaced by the Persian lime in commercial orchards, because the later is more hardy, larger size, seedless and can be stored longer.

The grenade-sized Key Lime has a special bouquet and unique flavor, being less acidic compared to lemons, but more acidic then the common lime. Key Limes may be green and/or yellow indicating degree of ripeness. Key limes are also slightly bitter, a taste which is integral to Thai cuisine.

Some sources suggest to roll the lime, but we find that this makes the juice incredibly bitter and do not recommend it. Instead, simply squeeze the lime as you normally would - a small stainless steel Thai spoon makes an ideal tool for this purpose. The small seeds can be flecked out with the handle of the spoon, before juicing.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ARIZONA & FLORIDA RESIDENTS: Limes are not permitted to be shipped to Arizona and Florida, due to restrictions by your states' Agricultural Departments. Please do not order key limes if you reside in these states.

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