Shrimp Paste, Klong Kone, 16 oz

Shrimp Paste

Shrimp Paste (gapee, kapi or gkabpi in Thai) is made from ground preserved tiny shrimps. In Thailand there is a wide range of pastes varying in strength, color and quality. Use shrimp paste to make authentic nam prik kapee homemade curry paste. Shrimp paste is also a key ingredient in Nam Prik Gapee - a spicy Thai paste for dipping vegetables and fried fish.

Shrimp paste is added to Thai recipes either unroasted or roasted. Unroasted, it is blended with spices to make curry paste. Other times, Thai recipes require roasting the shrimp paste in fresh banana leaves (or aluminum foil) either over a gas burner, grill or in the oven for about ten minutes until fragrant. The smell of shrimp paste takes some getting used to, but it the taste is simply wonderful! Kapee is an essential Thai ingredient for which there is no good substitute. As good cooks know, be sure to use Thai shrimp paste in Thai food, not Chinese or Indonesian pastes because these are very different (and some would say not very delightful).

The famous Klong Kone brand of shrimp paste comes from the province of Samut Songkhram. Samut Songkhram is well known for its vegetables and fruits such as rambutan and for its vast variety of seafood products. This is Thai cooking instructor and cookbook writer Kasma Loha-unchit's recommended brand of shrimp paste and also Andy Ricker approves of Klong Kone saying "This is a good brand of shrimp paste."  Klong Kon or Klong Kohn brand shrimp paste is packed & distributed by P. Prateepthong, Thailand.

Keep refrigeratored in a cool place well sealed for up to one year. For longer storage store in the freezer.

See Thai recipes using shrimp paste: Shrimp Curry, Green Curry Paste, Red Curry Paste, Yellow Curry Paste (Karee) and Satay Peanut Sauce.

Also see Pantainorasingh brand Shrimp Paste.

Ingredients: Shrimp paste and salt. Product of Thailand.

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