Pickled Salted Radish, Product of Thailand, 14.0 oz

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Salted Pickled Radish

This type of Salted Preserved Radish (ไช้โป  huah chai poh kim) is used for Thai cooking in dishes like Pad Tai Noodles, kao dtohm rice soup, soup with pork spareribs or Thai salads with lime juice.

This type of pickle is made of salted and preserved daikon-like turnip or radish.  It may be retailed in various forms including whole, flattened elongated pieces or shredded in fine strips. There are basically two types of Salted Radish used in Thai cooking: a lightly salted and sweetened radish or this type which is very salty and needs to be rinsed before using.

Preserved radish keeps indefinately sealed in a plastic tub or jar with no need for refrigeration.

Also see Sweetened Pickled Radish and Tianjin Preserved Cabbage.

Ingredients: Radish, salt and water. Product of China.

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