Asian Shallots, Product of USA, 6 oz

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Asian Shallots for Thai cooking

Red shallots are the most frequently used onion in Thai cuisine. This type of small onion is favored over larger white or yellow onions, which are not much used in Thai cooking. The red shallot is a key ingredient adding a mild, sweet flavor to numerous Thai dishes. In fact it is difficult to achive the authentic taste of Thai food without this type of onion.

The Asian shallot grows in bulbous clusters. The individual cloves resemble over-sized garlic cloves with pointed tapered ends. The flavor is sweeter and milder then the common white or yellow onion. The red shallot is popular throughout southeast Asia and is the most frequently type of onion used in Thai cuisine.

It can be sliced thin and added raw to dipping sauces and Thai salads (yam), blended into curry pastes (e.g. sour curry paste) or cooked in omelets and soups or prepared as fried shallots and used as a delicious smelling garnish for a myriad of dishes.

Ingredients: Fresh red shallots.

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