Dark Black Soy Sauce, Dragonfly, 19 fl oz

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Black Thick Soy Sauce

Black soy sauce (ซีอิ๊วดำ, siew dohm in Thai) contains caramel and sugar so that it has a slightly sweet taste and is much darker and much thicker then thin soy sauce. Dark soy sauce imparts a rich deep brown color to food and is used for Chinese style "red-braised" stews and meats. This type of Thai soy sauce is between Chinese dark soy and Chinese thick soy sauce in texture, flavor and color but sweeter than either of these.

Rich, thick and full-bodied, Dark Soy Sauce is perfectly blended as a seasoning for rice and noodle dishes, soups, stews and stir fries. Use it to enhance the taste and color of your favorite dishes like steak, lamb or pork chops or for mixing with other ingredients to make roast duck, roast pork, and soy chicken recipes. Use this soya sauce in Southeast Asian recipes calling for Black (Dark) Soy Sauce like Five Spice Stew, rice noodles with minced pork (guay teow lawt) and northern-style mixed curry (gaeng hoh).

Store Black Thick Soy Sauce up to one year at room temperature once opened.

See Thai recipes using Black Thick Soy Sauce: Five Spice Stew with Hard-Boiled Eggs and Pork Recipe (Kai Pa-Lo)Thai Beef Soup and Pad Graprow (Stir Fry Chicken with Basil).

Dragonfly brand is made by the Kwong Hung Seng company, Thailand.

Ingredients: Soybean-starch, sugar, sodiam bensoate and salt. Product of Thailand.

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