Salted Crab for Som Tum, Product of Thailand, 8 oz

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Salted Crab for Som Tum

Salted Black Crab (ปูเค็ม Boo Kem in Thai) for Thai Papaya Salad with Salted Crab (ส้มตำปู Som Tum Boo) and Coconut Salted Crab Relish (หลนปูเค็ม Loen Boo Kem, see video below).

This type of salted crab is made from small freshwater crabs found in rice paddies. The whole crab is fermented in salt water to produce a briny seasoning sauce. The whole salted crab is cut up into sections, shells and all, and added to salads, especially Green Papaya Salad with Salted Crab (Som Tam Boo Kem).

Also see other related Thai ingredients: Fermented Fish Sauce (Naam Plaa Raa) and Som Tum Sauce.

Coconut Salted Crab Relish Video Recipe

Ingredients: Green Tidal crab and salt. Product of Thailand.

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