Dried Shrimp, Product of Taiwan, 3.0 oz

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Dried Shrimp

Dried Shrimp (goong haeng in Thai or prawns) is fresh sun dried baby shrimps. Add dried shrimp to Thai dishes for a mildly salty, chewy texture and a fragrant aroma of the sea. Often added to Pad Thai Noodles, this high protein food adds a warm golden-pink color in a tiny spiral shapes to your dish. Use whole or ground in salads or grind or chop and add to chili pastes, soups, stir fries, sauces, or as a topping.

Store refrigerated in a tightly sealed glass container for up to one month or freeze indefinitely for longer storage.

Recipes using Dried Shrimp: Papaya Salad and Nam Prik Spicy Chili Paste.

Thai Dried Shrimp

Ingredients: Shrimp, salt and artificial color. Product of Taiwan.

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