Boxed Coconut Cream, Aroy-D, 33.8 fl oz

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Boxed Coconut Cream, Aroy-D

Aroy-D UHT Coconut Cream in the box can be stored for up to a year in your pantry. Produced in Thailand from high-quality coconuts it is packaged without preservatives, using modern ultra high temperatures to preserve the cream. It really is just 100% pure coconut cream. The cream is the fatty, richer part of coconut milk, just like heavy cream is akin to milk.

Aroy-D coconut cream has a smooth, creamy, rich consistency and can be used in all Thai dishes calling for coconut cream. See the Thai cooking video below to learn how to make Panang Beef with this type of Aroy-D coconut cream. If your recipe calls for both coconut cream and coconut milk, because UHT coconut products do not seperate due to the super high temperatures used to sterialize them, you will need to purchase both products.

UHT cartons are recyclable in the USA in some areas. If you are unable to recycle this type of carton in your area, there are ways to reduce your use of them. Start by reducing consumption by selecting the largest carton available rather than multiple small ones. Another idea is to reuse this type of container to grow plant seedlings or use for molds.

Store UHT products in your cupboard at room temperature until needed. Once opened, refrigerate or freeze any left over coconut cream to preserve. Note once the carton is opened the cream is perishable. Also even though you can store for up to one year, it is best to use it before the expiration date approaches, as the quality does declines over time.

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