Dried Puya Chili Peppers, Product of Mexico, 2 oz

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Dried Puya Chili Peppers for Thai cooking

The Dried Puya Chili Pepper is normally used in Mexican cuisine, but it can also be used for Thai cooking. Many American chefs prefer this type of dried red chili pepper because of its complex flavor. The heat is intense, with a mildly dusty and slightly fruity flavor.


  • About 3-4 inches in in length
  • The Puya chile is also sometimes referred to as pulla
  • Puya chiles look very similar to the more popular Guajillo chili
  • Puya chilis are classified as a medium-heat chili, while the Anaheim chili (also available here) is much milder in heat.

Also see California Anaheim Chili Pepper and Dried Thai chilies

To prepare either dry roast with a pinch of salt (to reduce smoking) or soak in water for 10 minutes to soften and add as needed according to your recipe.

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