Rambutan in Syrup, Aroy-D or Chaokoh, 20 oz

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Rambutan in Syrup

Resembling a fresh unpeeled chestnut, rambutans ((เงาะ ngo in Thai) are one of Thailand's most wonderful fruits. Egg-shaped, bright red, with long soft spines the fruit is intriguing and exotic. Inside the flesh is white covering an almond-shaped seed. Indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia this fruit is similar in taste to the lychee, being in the same family as the longan and lychee. To serve simply chill in the can for a healthy dessert, snack, or breakfast. High in Vitamin C and also contains calcium and phosphorous.

See a recipe for Duck Curry using rambutan.

Ingredients: Rambutan, water, sugar and citric acid. Product of Thailand.

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