Mangosteen in Syrup (6pkg), Aroy-D, 6x20 oz

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Mangosteen in Syrup, Aroy D (6pks)

Mangosteen (mangoot in Thai) is a seasonal Thai fruit often referred to in Thailand as the "queen of fruits". Still relatively hard to find fresh outside of South East Asia, the mangosteen is much sought-after as a forbidden fruit of the tropics. Legend has it that Queen Victoria once offered a reward of 100 pounds (the equivalent of over $8000 in today's economy) to whoever could bring her a fresh purple mangosteen! Now available from Thai company Aroy-D, the soft texture and sweet taste of mangosteen is now more readily available though still considered exotic nevertheless.

Sometimes referred to as a 'superfruit', a great deal of scientific research is currently focused on analyzing the mangosteen's healing properties. It is believed by some that the antioxidant strength and nutrient richness of mangosteen could potentially lower the risk of various diseases in humans (including cancer). For some time now, dried mangosteen fruits have been exported from Singapore to China and India to be used as a herbal medicine for skin and digestive disorders.

Though the mangosteen fruit itself has a thick and smooth purple rind, the arils inside (the only edible part of the fruit) are triangular, snowy white segments of soft and delicious flesh.

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Ingredients: Mangosteen, sugar and water. Product of Thailand.

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