Sea Salt (Coarse), Caravelle, 2.0 lbs

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Sea Salt

Sea salt (เกลือสมุทร gluea samut in Thai) is preferred for Thai cooking over other types of salt. It is natural and untempered and rich in minerals. This is an essential ingredient for homemade Thai curry paste. Also try as a vegetarian substitute for fish sauce. The taste is far superior to ordinary table salt.

The English word 'salary' is derived from the Latin 'sal'. Used as a preservative and for flavoring, salt was a treasured commodity until the nineteenth century when it became more plentiful. Salt is either mined or evaporated from the sea or salt marshes.

Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place up indefinitely. The type of salt here, is coarse sea salt from Korea.

Also see Fine Sea Salt.

Ingredients: Sea salt. Product of Korea.

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