Dried Bamboo Leaves, Product of China, 14.0 oz

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Dried Bamboo Leaves

Steaming food wrapped in leaves is a popular cooking technique throughout of Asia, including bamboo, lotus and banana leaves. Bamboo or lotus leaves, favored in Chinese cooking, are usually used to wrap flavored glutinous rice. These natural wrappers lend their herbaceous aromas to the food and help keep the food moist.

Sticky rice dumplings are wrapped in dried bamboo leaves and usually have a basic savoury filling of pork, chestnuts, preserved egg and dried mushrooms wrapped into a pyramid shape. The rice dumplings are called zongzi in Mandarin, chung in Cantonese or chang in Hokkien and are eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival on day five of the fifth lunar month. Bamboo leaves can also be used to line the pan for cooking rice cakes, meat patties and other dishes.

To prepare bamboo leaves, boil briefly in water and soak overnight. Drain and weigh down with a heavy opject to keep the leaves from curling. Wrap food. Do not eat the leaves.

Bamboo leaf length 17-18 inch and width 4.5 inch. About 100 leaves per pack.

Ingredients: Bamboo leaves. Product of China.

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