Dried Lotus Root, Product of China, 14.0 oz

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Dried Lotus Root
Dried Lotus Root (Nelumbo nucifera or raug bua in Thai) is the dried root of the water lily. The fresh lotus root is reddish brown in color, with two or three sections, each about six inches in diameter and linked together like sausages. The peeled roots are very attractive when cut in cross section because of the tunnels that run along their length and are appreciated for their decorative value.

To prepare, dried lotus roots must be soaked before using. Reconstituted lotus roots can be sliced thin for stir frying or sliced into half inch pieces for Chinese soups and stews. Boiled in sugar, lotus root makes a popular dessert. They are somewhat similar to a potato in texture and flavor.

Fresh Lotus Root

Also see Dried Lotus Leaves and Dried Lotus Seeds.

Ingredients: Dried Lotus Roots. Product of China.

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