Fish Sauce, Golden Boy (Baby), 23 fl oz

Fish Sauce, Golden Boy

Fish Sauce (nahm plah in Thai) is an essential Thai cooking ingredient and Golden Boy brand is one of Thailand's best brands. If you've tried local supermarket brands of fish sauce and have been disappointed, please try this authentic Thai fish sauce.

Fish sauce is one of the central ingredients in Thai cooking (perhaps the most important one). Some are put off by its odor, but when added to recipes, fish sauce adds complexity and depth to your dish. Good quality fish sauce, such as Golden Boy, should have a natural smell and taste.

Fish sauce is often viewed as South East Asia's soy sauce. However, once fully introduced to the nuances of this complex ingredient, comparison to anything else seems preposterous. Fish sauce holds its own in a distinctive flavor and there are no substitutions when preparing authentic Thai cuisine.

Good quality fish sauce is created through a several month long process of salting and fermenting tiny fish, usually anchovies. Flavorful amino acids such as glutamate are created as bacteria break down large protein molecules in the anchovies. Cheese, wine, bread and soy sauce undergo similar flavor and texture transformations. The liquid is then filtered and bottled. Inferior quality fish sauces often contain hydrolyzed vegetable protein, caramel coloring and other additives in order to provide a lower-cost product. However, fish sauce is an inexpensive product and these are unnecessary shortcuts which can result in a chemical after taste.

When looking for a high-quality fish sauce look for clear, amber-brown color liquid with no sediment. Award winning Golden Boy brand is considered to be of gourmet quality and is made by a family-owned business located on the Gulf of Thailand. It measures up to the highest standards of fish sauce connoisseurs. Golden Boy has been awarded by the prestigious Kasetsart University in Thailand first prize for "Best Thai Authentic Fish Sauce" several times.

Do not store fish sauce in the refrigerator as this can cause crystallization. Store out of sunlight at room temperature for up to two years.

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Golden Boy Fish Sauce Label

Ingredients: Anchovy fish, salt and sugar. No preservatives or coloring added. Product of Thailand.

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