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Purple Sticky Rice

Black Sticky Rice (kao neow dom in Thai) is sometimes labeled Indonesian black rice, black (or purple or red) glutinous rice, sweet, or waxy rice. It is not the whole-grain version of white sticky rice, but rather a unique variety of rice.

The almost black, purple color of the cooked rice comes from the dark unpolished layer of bran, which leaches out and stains the interior white grain. It is fairly easy to cultivate unlike wild rice, but pleasantly chewy like its wild cousin.

Black sticky rice is eaten most often as a sweet pudding in Thailand. The rice is boiled in water until cooked, drained, and served soaked with sweetened coconut milk. A thicker pudding of sweetened black rice cut into squares is often sold in markets in the South. In Central Thailand, black rice is combined with white sticky rice, sweetened coconut milk, black beans, and roasted inside hollow sections of bamboo cane. Black rice can also be fermented with Thai yeast powder, the result mildly alcoholic and eaten as a snack. Less common in Thailand, black rice can be served as a savory dish, combined with steamed white sticky rice or even as a basis for a rice salad like tabbouleh. In fact, North American chefs, smitten by it's distinctive color, have been creating many new savory dishes from black glutinous rice.

Black sticky rice is gluten-free and not sweet, in spite of its name.

To prepare black sticky rice, pre-soak at least 4 hours, then steam or boil to cook.

To store all types of rice should be kept in a cool dry place. Transfer to an airtight container once opened. Use all types of rice within one year of purchase.

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See a video of how to make Black Sticky Rice & Custard from Manivan:

Ingredients: Thai black rice. Product of Thailand.

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