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Fruit & Vegetable Carving Book

This is a new modern fruit carving book in Thai language (NO ENGLISH) by the famous cooking academy in Bangkok, Wandee's Culinary School. Beautifully photographed with step-by-step photographs, it will inspire and guide intermediate and professional level carvers.

Beginning level carving projects include: spring onion batons, baby carrots carved into miniature ears of corn, carrot and pepper flowers, tinted daikon radish roses and cucumber cups and leaves. Discover more advanced level projects like vegetable containers (or vessels) for serving food and basic pumpkin flowers. See beautiful traditional Thai-style carved green mango, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and various watermelon carvings.

This is a well laid out book with excellent photographs. At this time it is not available in the English language (only Thai), but we think that you will find it to be worth adding to your library of fruit and vegetable garnishing titles.

Wandee's Fruit Carving 1 Wandee's Fruit Carving 2

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