Carving Fruit and Vegetables 3 DVD Set, Pam Maneeratana

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3 Fruit Carving DVDs

This is a series of step-by-step instructional fruit carving DVDs for the study of the art of Kae-Sa-Luk. Kae-Sa-Luk is the ancient Thai art of fruit and vegetable carving. Whether you are carving beginner or a culinary professional craving new ideas, you will love following along with this master of Thai fruit carving, Pam Maneeratana.

The first video in the series, Kae-Sa-Luk: The Thai Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving DVD introduces the most fundamental techniques that everyone must know, learn, and practice in order to carve the way Thai people have been taught for generations.

The second DVD in the series, The Art of Watermelon Carving teaches the most advanced techniques that build upon the basic skills. Pam has discovered many of these techniques after years of practicing, since Thai masters rarely reveal such exclusive techniques except to their loved ones.

The third video, Spectacular Fruit & Vegetable Carving Edible Arrangements DVD is the most simple video and is most suitable for beginners but also for professionals seeking new ideas. It lays out the basic principles for creating beautiful centerpieces from fruit and vegetables using minimum carving skill.

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