5" Paring Knife, Kom Kom

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5" Paring Knife, Kom-Kom

This paring knife has a subtle curve in both its edge and its spine. It is designed for working with larger types of fruit and vegetables.

Kom-Kom brand produces paring knives in three different sizes, with this five-inch blade being the middle of the three. Often used as an all purpose blade, this paring knife is mainly intended for intricate work such as fruit carving and cutting away the outer edges of fruits and vegetables. This unique knife is finely crafted with a double-riveted wooden handle. The larger Kom-Kom brand paring knives such as this one and the next size up (6") have very slightly curved blades, unlike Kom-Kom's 4" paring knife. Due to their function, it is important for paring knives to be kept razor sharp at all times. They are not meant for cutting solid materials such as hard shells and bone.

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