Fruit Carving Knife Bird's Beak #003, Wood Handle, Kom Kom

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Vegetable & Fruit Carving Knife Bird's Beak, Kom-Kom (Wood)

Also known as tourne knives, bird's beak knives are often used interchangeably with paring knives whilst working on fruit and vegetable carvings. Due to its unique shape, the bird's beak knife is also a very handy kitchen tool for improvised garnishing.

The bird's beak fruit carving knife is perhaps the most important knife in any fruit carver's armory. The blade is two inches long with a solid, double-riveted wooden handle. The stubby shape of the blade is absolutely ideal for both simple tornee cuts as well as for carving more intricate designs, especially those inspired by traditional Thai artwork. The size of the knife ensures that the carver can get his/her hands close to the design whilst keeping the knife steady and avoiding irritating mistakes. Using longer knives with straight spines can often result in grazing finished areas of patterning. Bird's beak knives are designed to aid precision, prevent accidents, and heal blemishes.

To offer an example of a bird's beak knife in application, consider the carving of petals when working on a pumpkin. Even though the flesh of the pumpkin is reasonably solid to work with, carved flower petals are still comparatively weak and difficult to repair. The bird's break makes short work of carving the underside of the petal without needing to rely too heavily upon keeping a perfectly steady hand. Likewise, when working between petals and texturing, the birds beak is light enough to drag softly over and around the flowers without breaking the flesh.

This knife is also available as part of the Kiwi Kom-Kom brand: Fruit & Vegetable Garnishing Knives, Tools Set and our Vegetable & Fruit Carving Knives Set.

Kom-Kom knives are produced to an exceedingly high standard, boasting superior specifications to their cheaper selling variant, Kiwi. Known by reputation to be the very best knives that Thailand has to offer, Kom-Kom's designs are both attractive and practically suited for everyday use. Their stainless steel blades consist of a dense carbon alloy that is first heat treated and then carefully tempered to ensure long-lasting sharpness and unrivaled durability.

Product Features

  • Genuine Kom-Kom brand knife imported from Thailand
  • The single most important fruit carving knife of all
  • Carve in close proximity for working in detail
  • High-quality hardened stainless steel blade
  • Well balanced with double-riveted fine wooden handle

Kom Kom product no. 003, 2" Fruit Knife Wood Handle, Kiwi bar code 8851130060042

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