Classical Thai-Style Pumpkin Carving, Odeon

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Pumpkin Carving

Learn to carve pumpkins into ornate floral patterns in the classical Thai-style. These flowers are carved with a straight bladed knife and cut into old-fashioned style flower designs.

Full color beautiful photographs will guide you step-by-step. Even if you cannot read Thai, this book will offer a view on the famous world of Thai carving.

NOTE: This book is only in Thai language (not in English) therefore advanced carving skills are required. Gay Sah Lahk Wat Sadu Neua-on; ISBN 974-277-990-2

See a step-by-step pumpkin carving from this book.

Details: Paperback, glossy paper, full color photographs every page, 8x6", softcover, 54 pages. Odeon books.

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print out pumpkin carving PDFPro Carving KnifeIf you are a fruit carving beginner , please see our Step-by-Step Fruit & Vegetable Carving book, which has some simple pumpkin carvings. Print out a PDF tutorial for a flower-shaped pumpkin carving from this book. (Note: Adobe PDF is required).

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