Carving Watermelon Roses, Buds & Leaves DVD, Nita Gill

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Watermelon Carving Roses, Buds & Leaves DVD

Learn easy techniques for melon and fruit carving that will stun your family and friends! This easy-to-follow DVD gives you the step-by-step lessons that you need to learn how to use Thai fruit carving to make beautiful melon roses. It's a great choice for both new carvers who want to learn how to carve a watermelon and intermediate carvers who want to learn more techniques.

These videos are a great way to learn fruit carving because they are as close as you can get to studying with a carving teacher. They are like watching over the shoulder of a master carver, then getting the chance to practice the techniques that you've just learned. One advantage that a video has over a live teacher is that you can watch and re-watch the video on your own time. If you forget something, even years later, you can watch the video again and re-learn.

Learning with trial-and-error is frustrating, but this high-quality video gives you advice and instructions in real time. Once you know the techniques, you can create some of Thai fruit carving's most beautiful designs. When you watch the video, and practice these carvings, you'll be amazed how easily you can carve fruits and watermelons into beautiful rose patterns.

This 97 minute DVD is very detailed, with step-by-step instructions which teach you exactly how to carve three kinds of delicate and elegant petals, rosebuds, and leaves. It demonstrates common mistakes that fruit carvers make, and how they can be fixed. You can learn how to make sure your melons stay fresh, and more.

This DVD is divided into several chapters, so that it is easy to find what you are looking for:

Section 1 Introduces you to the basics of carving melons, starting with how to select the right melon and the right tools, and how to hold the watermelon straight while working with it. You will learn two different methods for carving roses, and how to use the watermelon rind to create definition and depth in the carved rose.

Section 2 Shows you how to begin your first rose with its beginning circle, then carving the inner petals and creating the graceful outside petals.

Section 3 Teaches you how to add a second rose to your carving, and how to carve another variation of petals with straight edges. Nita demonstrates several common mistakes, and how to avoid them for beautiful roses.

Section 4 Demonstrates a third kind of rose, with frayed-edged petals, and offers further instructions for using a Thai Pro knife. You will also learn how to cut the roses out of your watermelon and use them to decorate a plate or a cake.

Section 5 Teaches you how to refine your designs by adding detailed leaves. You will also learn to carve rosebuds, taking advantage of the natural colors of your melon rind. Finally, it demonstrates how to use the techniques you have already learned to carve a honeydew rose surrounded by rosebuds.

Section 6 Shows you how to finish the edges of your carving, how to display your finished creations, and how to recreate these designs on different melons, mangoes, and even soap. Nita also shows you how to store your carvings so that they look their best after several days.

This lesson requires a large knife, a peeler, and a fruit carving knife. The Kom Kom brand fruit carving knife included in the 3 knife set (Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knives, Set A) would be a good choice, but the professional Thai Flexible Carving Knife is an even better choice for this type of fine carving, because it is very sharp, and easy to maneuver like a pencil or pen.

You can buy this lesson separately, or as part of a set in the Complete Set of 11 Veg and Fruit Carving DVDs.

Watermelon Carving
Complete Set of 11 Veg and Fruit Carving DVDs

Complete Set of 11 Veg and Fruit Carving DVDs

Nita Gill's vegetable and fruit carving DVD course teaches you how to create beautiful fruit and vegetable carving centerpieces and garnishes.

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