Grilled Coconut Pancake (Khanom Ba Bin)

Thai Coconut Pancake - Kanom Ba Bin
Thai Coconut Pancake (Click to enlarge)

This Thai-style coconut pancake is cooked on a hot griddle and is a favorite street food. Because it is made with two types of rice flour, it is gluton free. For more Thai dessert recipes see Kasma Loha-unchit's award winning cookbook It Rains Fishes. Legends, Traditions and the Joys of Thai Cooking.



Mix the 2 kinds of flour, sugar and salt and knead with the egg and shredded coconut. Slowly add the limestone water which has been scented with the bay toey or vanilla, and continue to knead until the mixture is wet and the cream from the coconut meat is pressed out and blended in with all the other ingredients.

Grease the heated surface of a griddle with the peanut oil. Drop the coconut mixture in spoonfuls onto the hot griddle, molding them into small flat rounds. Grill over low to medium heat until golden brown. Flip over and grill the other side until also browned. Best served warm.

The coconut mixture can also be baked in a well greased pan in the oven, at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the cake. Bursh with a beaten egg yolk over the top after the cake is cooled through and bake another 5 minutes at 400 degrees. Cut into small squares. The baked coconut cake tends to be more gooey in texture.

Limestone Water:

Empty contents into a 2 qt jar which has a lid. Fill with water cover with lid and shake to dissolve. Allow to stand 1-1 1/2 hours or until water is almost clear before using. Store unrefrigerated. Add more water each time you use it, and shake and let stand an hour before using. It keeps indefinately.

Recipe Copyright © 1995 Kasma Loha-unchit; Image Copyright © 2013 sakhorn, used under license from

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