Sticky Rice Flour (Glutinous), Erawan, 16 oz

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Sticky (Glutinous) Rice Four

There are two types of rice flour in Thailand, this one is the sticky type (แป้งข้าวเหนียว paeng kao niao in Thai, sometimes called sweet rice powder or glutinous rice flour). Sticky rice is milled to make this creamy white flour. Glutinous rice flour is often combined with plain (non-glutinous) rice flour to create many popular Thai sweets. Desserts made with this flour are sticky in consistency and may resemble uncooked dough. Popular throughout Asia, numerous recipes include this type of flour.

Consider adding sticky rice flour to a glutton-free diet (such as for Celiac disease). Note that this type of rice flour is in fact glutton-free, even though it is called glutinous rice flour, because it is made from 100% rice flour (not wheat flour).

Store in a cool dry place, well sealed, for up to one year.

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Also see Plain Non-Glutinous Rice Flour.

Ingredients: Rice flour. Product of Thailand.

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