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Thai Curry by Region

There are numerous types of curries and curry pastes coming from the four distinct geographical regions of Thailand including different versions of the same basic curry pastes, such as red and green:

  • Central (Bangkok) - Green Curry is especially popular in this region
  • North (Chiang Mai)Khao Soy and Hang Lay are two famous curry dishes
  • South – reputation for being the spiciest curries including Gaeng Tai Plah, Gaeng Leung and Masaman
  • North-East (Issan)– shrimp paste is not used in this landlocked region of Thailand; curries are simple peasant style and include Gaeng Aom.
Curry in Southern Thailand  

Curry in the Thai MarketCurry is one of the most important dishes of Thai cuisine. The other dishes for a meal are often planned around what type of curry is going to be prepared in the South. In fact the familiar greeting in the Southern countryside is Gin gang ry wahnee? - what kind of curry are you eating today?

The decision as to which type of curry to prepare hinges upon the available ingredients. Coconut curries are especially popular because of the proliferation of coconut palm trees. But the South is also famous for Gaeng Tai Pla (Spicy Fish Stomach Curry) and Gaeng Leung (Yellow Sour Curry with Fish and is referred to as Gaeng Sohm Plah in the South), both of which are water-based curries.

Central Region (Bangkok) 
North (Chiang Mai)  
Curry in the Thai Market
  • Burmese Style Curry Paste
  • Hung Lay
  • Gaeng Hoh
  • Geang Kae
  • Khao Soi
  • Nam Ngeaw
  • Jackfruit
  • Banana Bud
  • Bamboo Shoot
  • Sour Bamboo Shoot
  • Nam Prik Gaeng Mookar Dang
  • Nam Prik Ganeg Sai Aua
  • Chiang Mai
Southern Region 
  • Gaeng Lueng
  • Masaman
  • Nam Yah
  • Tai Plah (Fish Stomach Curry)
  • Gaeng Pah (Jungle Curry)
  • Khee Lek (Bitter Vegetable Curry)
  • Gaeng Khua (Sour Coconut Milk Curry)
  • Gaeng Ho
Northeastern Region (Issan) 

Source for listing of curry pastes by region:
Four Regions of Curry Paste, by Thanasah Thangthongjit, Se-Education Public Co. Ltd., ISBN 974-93830-0-1 or ISBN 9789748383


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