Thong Muan (Golden Crispy Coconut Rolls), Product of Thailand, 4.2 oz

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Thong Muan

Similar to French piroulines, Golden Crispy Coconut Rolls are made of a batter of rice flour, sweetened coconut milk and black sesame seeds, cooked on a round griddle into a wafer-thin pancake which is then quickly rolled and cooled.

Because 'thong' means gold in Thai, presenting Thong Muan as a gift, is a wish for wealth.

According to the foodie newsletter, The David Rosengarten Report, "Again - I am flipped out by a Thai snack. These are little roll-ups of extra-shatteringly-crisp pastry, shaped like fat cigarettes (as in the French treat, pirouettes). The fragile, delicate texture alone would be enough to earn high scores, But then...but then...the flavor! I can't quite capture it in words - but, to me, it tastes like nothing so much as the young smoke coming off the wood fire you've just started as it passes over the encrusted beef fat on your grilling grate. This is another snack on the savory/sweet border that I couldn't resist telling you about."

Please note that this product contains wheat flour. Package contains approximately 3 dozen rolls.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, tapioca flour, salt, coconut milk, egg, sesame and sugar. No preservative. Product of Thailand.

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