Fish Snack Tom Yum Flavor, Thai Farmer, 2.11 oz

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Fish snack Tom Yum flavor

Crispy Fish Snack is Thai style snack made from white scale fish baked will with tom yum flavor that created spicy taste. Some recipe baked this fish with various kinds of herbs such as kafirr lime leave, chili, chopped lemongrass or ginger to make alternative taste and good for health.

This crispy snack can be eaten individual as general snack or put on the top of spicy salad especially papaya salad or spicy raw mango salad which is go together very well. Fish snack is well selected for eating anywhere anytime also party with friends and family.

Ingredients: White scale fish, sugar, salt, tapioca flour, palm oil, MSG, chili and citric acid. No Preservatives added. Product of Thailand.

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