Thai Crispy Noodles (Mee Krob), Product of Thailand

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Thai Crispy Noodles (Mee Krob)
Thai Crispy Noodles หมี่กรอบ  made from golden crispy rice noodles topped with a sweet from honey and sour sauce. 
The appeal of Mee Krob is its blend of sweetness, sourness and saltiness all in one. Finely sliced kaffir lime peel can be added to Mee Krob. The peelings are fragrant and have a sour and bitter taste, which reduces the sweetness of the noodles. The dish is usually served with Chinese chives and fresh bean sprouts.
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Ingredients: Rice vermicelli, sweet and sour sauce, onion, egg, vegetable oil and honey. Product of Thailand.

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